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Join UCL Fight the Fakes in our battle against fake medicines, as we raise awareness of the dangers of counterfeits and aim to put fake medicines on the global agenda. As pharmacy students, we want to empower people in the fight against fake medicines. They’re everyone’s business, so make it yours too!

IMG_6278I’m Ruby, a third year pharmacy student at UCL. I’m Syrian, and lived in Syria all my life before moving into the UK for university. I thank God, as neither I nor any of my family members or friends have had the misfortune of dealing with a fake medicine. Regrettably however, fake medicines are not infrequent in my country.


Ruby Akkad


“The ease with which information is available at our fingertips is increasing at an exponential rate. The ability to order medicines for efficient delivery through online pharmacies is becoming increasingly common. Alongside this however, is an exposed vulnerability to criminals who can abuse the system for the lucrative business of selling counterfeit medicines. This exposes significant care issues, such as sub-therapeutic doses or incorrect active ingredients, which can have devastatingly toxic effects on the recipient. For me, and everyone involved in this campaign, the concern lies with the alarmingly global scale of the problem. Unregulated websites are on the rise and WHO estimates in more than 50% of cases, medicines purchased over the internet from illegal sites are counterfeit which is the reason I want to be part of such vital movement. Every patient is at risk as online access increases. Working together, we can restore the confidence of the public in the quality of medicines. Ultimately one of my core roles as a future pharmacist is to promote the safe use of medicines – therefore, spreading awareness is integral in the fight against fake medicines.”

Noor Patel

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